How Much Does This Cost?

I’ll be honest, every client and every project is different, so the price varies. A full work session is 4 hours and costs $200. This is usually enough to get a small project completed. I can do a single session, attack larger projects in multiple sessions or do a whole home with regularly scheduled visits.  Check out the package deals below!

There are variables to each project including; what is being organized, the speed of decisions, as well as the added cost of organizing supplies. I charge by the hour and work within your budget to help you achieve your organizational goals! Not sure what you need? No problem! After the first work session is complete we can get a better estimate of your individual project and decide what best fits your needs at that time. 

You can review the process here.

Package Pricing

20 Hours


Package pricing includes in-home and virtual organizing, shopping for product and follow-up.

This is scheduled into a few  consecutive days or with regularly scheduled visits.

You pay only $899!
Save over 10%


4 Hours

In-home or virtual organizing services.


I come to you! 

In-Home Organizing

Working together we address your organizational challenges. Your space, family, lifestyle, and organizational habits will guide us to a solution that is customized specifically for you!

Virtual Organizing

Meet online and get motivated!

We meet in a video call so your organizational challenges can be evaluated. We work together to come up with a solution but the work falls to you. Follow-ups are done to answer additional questions and troubleshoot issues. You won't be in this alone! 

Accountability Session

Just need direction?

These sessions are ideal for the DIYer! You know you can do it, but just need the motivation and maybe some direction. We set a schedule to meet (typically calls) regularly, define your goals, come up with a plan and then motivate you to get it done!

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