My favorite part of the job is the satisfaction I have knowing I helped someone. Here is what some of my customers have said.

Every time I walk into the space that Jeni organized for me, I think “WOW”! I requested a simple office organization and she ended up completely revamping the space into something so much more usable and practical for me. She was able to look at the space and see things I would have never thought of and came up with solutions I didn’t even know I needed! I went from having an office I never used and didn’t even really need, to having an amazing workout room that I use all the time! She gave thoughtful advice, listened to what I cared about, gave me a shopping list of things that would be helpful and gave me a final product I’m in love with. She’s definitely a woman who’s found her calling!

Emily C.

Jeni transformed my cluttered classroom into Pinterest worthy organization!!

Jean C.

Jeni will proactively help you organize your home. She helps your prioritize the areas you want organized, brainstorms what will make it more efficient for your personal items and space, implements the changes with you while remaining nonjudgmental and fun. Having a mediator for organizing was helpful as she asks the right questions and gives you permission to make the choices that are right for you! I’ll be asking for future help with filing paperwork! Thanks Jeni!

Julie S.

She came into this sensitive area that was brimming with financial and personal affections mixed in with junk mail and broken toys with calm collective grace and led me on a mission to sort and organize. It actually took more than one day, but I was left with a fraction of the stuff and very organized cabinets and drawers. But above it all Jeni actually created a system involving my husband and my needs and working magic akin to a seasoned counselor whipped up solutions that ultimately improved not only our space but our marriage, family life, financial planning, and social calendars too. The methods she used were infectious and I was able to tackle several more difficult areas on my own in the weeks that followed. If you are struggling with a system challenge, too much stuff, or a need a new way to organize I cannot recommend Jeni enough!

Katie F.

Jeni organized my pantry, cabinets, and Tupperware in a system that I can maintain. Jeni was energetic, focused, and concerned with what my needs and wants were –(needed more counter space and wanted a coffee bar.) Jeni arranged the items I use the most on shelves I can easily reach. She found new spots for the small appliances (like toaster, etc.). She reimagined the corner lazy Susan cabinets, which we seldom used, in a way that made sense! She even took donated items to charities! When Jeni finished, I had an organized kitchen that not only looked bigger but included more counter space AND a coffee bar! Jeni was a joy to work with and I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again.

Deborah E.

Jeni has been incredible! We finally bit the bullet and got help with going through things from multiple house moves, outgrown and unused clothes and kid toys, and minimizing items with little or no usefulness. We always thought we could do it ourselves but trust me, "chipping away at it" now and then does not get the job done. Jeni gets the job DONE. She sets a fast pace and inspires motivation. What a major stress relief! Zero regrets other than waiting so long to do it!

Brianne F.

Jeni takes initiative and really moves quickly and efficiently! Yet, she respectfully asks before each decision:) Definitely, the best helper I’ve ever hired!

Tamera R.

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