What Can I Expect?

The process is pretty simple. It starts with a call, we make a plan, and then get to work!

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The Call 

The first step is the hardest, but it is FREE! Just pick up the phone, send me a text, or give me a call! On the initial call, we discuss your trouble areas, what your goals are, and what you have tried in the past. This call typically takes about 10 minutes. At this time we answer any additional questions you have and request photos. I am a planner and the photos help me to prepare for our work session so it can be as efficient as possible! There is no judgement, just planning! 

The In-Home Work Session

Want to invite me over to see your home in its not-so-finest form? Don’t stress over this part! There is no judgment. You are human. You have a family, a home, and a billion other things demanding your attention. We ask all our clients NOT to clean! We want to see your space as it is normally used. Otherwise, the solution we devise might not get to the root of the problem. Think your problem areas are worse than anything we’ve ever seen? Challenge accepted!

We start the work session with a tour of the areas we discussed over the phone. Working together we create a vision, set goals, and discuss the plan of attack. After the paperwork is signed, we get started! 

Organize All The Things!

This part is our favorite! The work sessions will involve defining the use of the space, sorting, editing items that don’t belong or are no longer wanted, and defining homes for everything that is left. Most often we work side by side with the client to determine what can be purged and to design solutions that work with their way of thinking. After all, no two people are the same! The sorting and organizing can be done with you or on our own. We always like teamwork, but not everyone's busy life can afford the time. Depending on the budget and time constraints, larger projects may require that we leave you with homework to be completed in between visits.

Be Prepared

It gets worse before it gets better! When was the last time you saw the very back of your pantry? Been a while, hasn’t it? When we sort it takes up space, but it goes back! We'll ask a billion and one questions and will likely fire them in rapid succession. Some will be easy, others not so much. You just need to do your best and if you don’t know the answer the second we ask, it is not a problem. We just move on and come back later. Being involved in the process ensures you understand and are able to maintain the systems.


After each work session, we will take one carload of items with us when we leave and donate them to the client's local charity of choice! For most of my clients, this is a favorite part. We are often told that this service alone is worth the cost! It just feels good to have the weight gone from your space!

Ready to get started?

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